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79 Brown Street, Box N

Providence, RI 02912

I am a historian of modern European history and Assistant Professor of History at Brown University. I earned a PhD in modern European history at Stanford University as well as a B.A. summa cum laude in history and economics from Emory University

In my research, I examine the history of migration and its historical relationships to modern economic life and institutions in Europe and the Atlantic World. I am primarily interested in the long nineteenth century, although in the past I have taught courses and worked on topics in the twentieth century as well. Throughout my work, I focus on what I call German-speaking central Europe, including parts of modern-day Germany, Switzerland, Poland, and Austria. Beyond Europe itself, I have worked on diaspora communities in Argentina and the United States. For more on my teaching, see this piece in The Huffington Post:  "Professors for the 21st Century: Team-Teaching Toward the PhD at Stanford".

A historical-fiction enthusiast, in my free time I try my hand at writing TV dramas and short movie scripts based loosely on the lives of real historical actors who lived in the nineteenth century—from gullible migrants to argonaut apprentices, ruthless land speculators, boorish captains, shifty boarding house operators, and feisty railroad barons. Reality is so much stranger than fiction!